Dynamics Translations is proud to have an impressive list of loyal and satisfied clients, including a range of “large accounts”. These include a number of major publishers and some of the big names from the media and advertising world, who are well known for being demanding when it comes to languages – not to mention speed.

Many of our clients have been working with Dynamics Translations for many years (some of them since the very beginning!). This is quite an achievement in a market where client turnover can often be very high, and it is perhaps the best testimonial we can offer of our outstanding service.

Below is a small sample of the responses we receive virtually every day from our clients. Often, this is “just” a word of thanks for a job well done. But all of these spontaneous expressions of appreciation are always a source of encouragement for us. They are also confirmation that our business policy, based on quality, fast service, personal contacts and relentless follow-up, is highly successful: satisfying our clients has been our greatest driving force for 20 years now.

Liliane Vertriest
De Persgroep

“Alvast dank voor deze zeer snelle service, wij houden jullie adres alleszins in petto.

Vriendelijke groeten!”

Sofie De Bruyn
Trade Marketing & P.R. Coördinator

“Hoi Tania,

Bedankt voor de snelle vertaling, ik geef je asap het PO-nummertje door.


Ellen Verdurme
AZERTY Press & Public Relations

“Bedankt voor de snelle vertaling.

Prettige dag,


“Un grand merci pour toutes les traductions de cette semaine, comme d’hab, j’ai encore une fois pu compter sur vos merveilleux délais.

C’est vraiment chouette d’avoir un fournisseur qui réponde aussi rapidement !


C. Coster
Entremont France

“Merci beaucoup pour votre réactivité !

Bon week-end,

Chef de Produits MDD
Carrefour International

“Je vous remercie pour la rapidité de votre réponse et vous souhaite un très bon week-end.