This is how we work out the price of your translation

The exact cost of a translation job is difficult to express as a set of standard rates. At Dynamics we calculate the price of a translation based on the combination of languages, the degree of difficulty of the text, the urgency of the deadline and the required specialist area involved.

As a rule of thumb, a general translation from Dutch to French will cost less than a legal translation from English to Chinese.

100% within budget

We always put client satisfaction first. We do that by giving you translations of the highest quality, delivered within the deadline you set. In doing so, we always stay within the budget stated in our price quote to you. And while the price quote gives you a maximum budget, the final invoice may sometimes be a little bit less. One thing is certain – and this is important – the amount invoiced will never be higher than the quote.

Free trial translation for large projects

Got a large translation job in the pipeline? For large assignments (starting at around 10,000 words), we’ll be happy to do a trial translation of a small part of the text (max. 300 words or half a page) so that you can see for yourself how well we work and the service you will receive. Simply ask us!

How much will it cost to translate your text?

Curious to find out how much it will cost to translate your website, brochure, manual, product leaflet, legal document, financial report or any other text? Then don’t hesitate to ask us for a price quote. We’ll get back to you within a few hours with a no-obligation budget proposal. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


10% introductory discount

We are pleased to offer new clients an introductory discount of 10% on their first job with us. That way you can become acquainted with the quality of our translations while enjoying an even lower price.