We pride ourselves on living up to our name… Dynamics Translations stands for quality, as well as for very fast service : we always respond to requests for quotes really quickly and the deadlines agreed between you and us are sacrosanct.

Smaller jobs can usually be handled the same day (sometimes even within an hour or two) to suit the needs of the client.

We often find ourselves brought in as the final link in the prepress chain – which means we are expected to make up any time lost during earlier phases in the production process. Consequently, urgency tends to be the rule, rather than the exception in our business, so we do everything we can, day after day, to meet seemingly impossible deadlines. If that means working at the weekend or overnight, we are happy to take on the task.

Another very important benefit of working with Dynamics is our thorough knowledge of the people who work with us. We always know what they are capable of (most of them have been working with us for many years), which means we can always put the right person to work on the right job – not only for the required combination of languages, but also in terms of the content and nature of the text (subject, style, target audience, level of technical content, required area of specialisation, etc.).

A vital cornerstone of our business policy is that we have always gone against the standard industry trend of using the cheapest translators in order to maximise profit margin. We simply don’t believe in this “profit-is-king” approach that tends to be the usual approach at many larger agencies.
Of course, profit margins are important for any company, but maximum margin is often achieved to the detriment of quality, because cheap translators are, by definition, either beginners or simply not very good at their job. And working with “cheap” translators usually ends up being an expensive mistake, with quality problems and complaints from clients.
Because our agency was established at the outset and is still run today by translators, we set great store by professional ethics and understand better than anyone just how important it is that every translator working with us should have genuine experience and professional translating skills. Hence we also deliberately opt to work exclusively with experienced and professional native speakers. Of course, they can sometimes be “more expensive”, but at the same time, we can be certain that they have the necessary quality, motivation and knowledge of what they are doing.

Our close links with the people who work with us enable us to guarantee unrivaled consistency: by always using the same translators for regularly recurring jobs (minutes of meetings, newsletters, etc.) from the same clients, we are able to guarantee the required consistency in terms of style, use of words and, where needed, specific client terminology.

Another strength our agency has to offer is our unmatched flexibility. Even though our office closes relatively late (6.00 pm), clients still sometimes call after office hours (or at the weekend) with an urgent job. When that happens, we do everything we can to help them out – because, once again, working at the weekend or overnight tends to be the rule, rather than the exception.